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The office was founded over 20 years ago based on the dream of a world within reach, a world where the exchange of knowledge and goods could become very simple thanks to the wonderful and mysterious world of languages. 
The dream became true: the study of foreign languages has ​​spread to every corner of the planet; new generations use an increasing number of foreign words to communicate and many adults study languages so they will not feel excluded. Technology has made communication fast, convenient and simple.  
Translation is not just the conversion of text from one language to another, it is the translation of content from one language to another, taking into account the cultural and information context.
During our first 20 years we have gained considerable experience in the field of translation in all major languages and the use of modern technology. Moreover, our valuable team of specialized personnel have enabled us to handle important documentary projects, offering high quality work at greatly reduced timescales and costs. 
Our goal has always been to provide a clear and accurate translation.
We have achieved this goal thanks to the coordinated efforts of personnel such as:
-project managers 
Experience has taught us that the quality of translations and services we provide is closely connected with efficient management. We have therefore developed an organisational system that allows us to follow each stage of every single project, large or small, from the offer through to the invoice. Our project managers choose the most suitable translator for the job and any other suppliers needed and provide the customer with progress reports to keep them informed right up to the time of delivery. 
Exclusive collaboration with professional native-speaker translators is a fundamental requirement for a good translation. Our translators are selected based on their professional experience and sector-specific knowledge.
The use of technologically advanced programs and tools helps them produce an accurate and consistent product: 
translation software with memories and pre-existent and pre-translated segments;  
terminology management software;
indexing and search software;
glossaries: we prepare specific glossaries based on the documentation provided by each customer, a method that guarantees consistency in terms of the terminology used; 
When a product needs to be marketed in a specific export market, translation of the relative texts also requires adaptation to local conventions and culture. This adaptation is called localization.
Some fields of application include language, date and time format, currency, weights and measurements, images and colours, names and titles, addresses, phone numbers and postcodes.
-proofreaders and editors 
Translations need to be reviewed to check that they are true and complete (all text has been translated and the contents correctly transposed); accuracy of spelling, grammar and syntax; consistency and uniformity (use of the same terminology within the document and its various sections:  titles, chapters, tables of content, etc.) and use of appropriate terminology (proven and appropriate terminological choices). 
Translated texts are only delivered when they have been checked and approved.